Zero Impact Running with the Octane Fitness Zero Runner

Zero Impact Running with the Octane Fitness Zero Runner

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Don’t look now but Octane Fitness’ Zero Runner is looking to change the way you train for good while boosting performance and longevity. It does so by, in short, taking all the benefits of outdoor running and bringing it indoors while taking out all impact on the body. Thus the zero reference in its name.

Get it? Some people are clever like that. We’re still working on it.

Regardless, what Octane Fitness has accomplished with its line of commercial and residential Zero Runners is nothing short of a dream for runners of all ages, one of the main reasons for this being the fright the knees of runners experience when rounding a bend and encountering pavement.

Why Zero Impact is Important

For all of running’s benefits one of its main drawbacks is that it is seen by many as a high-impact form of training on the body and especially joints such as the knees. Yet while it has been shown that it is improper form, past injuries, and increased body mass that leads to joint problems and not the act of running itself, many-a-runner have still sought ways to lessen the impact running has on their body. This has been done by running on trails, using a treadmill, or ditching the traditional run altogether and opting for a machine with minimal impact such as an elliptical. But outside of running on a trail or outdoors, there has been no piece of fitness equipment able to mimic a natural running stride while providing zero impact on the body.

This creates a problem, especially for when outdoor elements are too difficult to run in.

That  was until Octane Fitness’ Zero Runner.

What the Zero Runner does so brilliantly is its minimalistic and naturalistic approach to a true running stride. With hinges at the knee and hip a runner is able to pursue their natural stride while training as if they would on a running trail. They have the full ability to control their speed and pace all by adjusting their work level manually instead of having it programmed electronically and controlled by a rotating belt.

A Better Option

Speaking of rotating belts, what makes the Zero Runner such a great option for those looking to emulate the experience of running indoors is that it provides no assistance to the user. The rotating belt of the treadmill assists somewhat in the kickback of what would be a natural running stride, thus taking away from the complete engagement of the hamstrings, critical muscles for any runner. Octane’s Zero Runner, meanwhile, provides no assistance, allowing runner’s to experience complete engagement of all muscles they would in their natural stride.

Run Outdoors, Indoors

The magnificence of the Zero Runner’s lie in their ability to take all the benefits of running outside and bring them indoors without any impact on the body or joints. There is simply no other piece of technology able to so closely replicate a runner’s natural stride. This is exactly why athletes, schools, and training programs around the nation are integrating training on the Zero Runner into their fitness regimens. What’s more is that due to their zero impact nature the Octane Zero Runners are great options for any needing a fitness option that provides zero impact. Think former runners with knee or hip issues who miss the feeling their natural running stride, or think of one going through physical therapy.

Regardless of running ability or experience Octane Fitness’ line of Zero Runners are ideal options for those wanting to take the experience of running outdoors inside. They may look like space-age technology but their brilliance truly lies in their simplistic approach to running. That is letting runners do what they do best: run.

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