September New Year's Resolution: Fitness as a Goal

September New Year's Resolution: Fitness as a Goal

A Changing Mindset

There are a collection of pairings in life that seem perfect. Take, for instance, a fine cabernet sauvignon and aged gouda. Beer and brats. Peanut butter and chocolate. Fall and football.

But September and New Year’s Resolutions? Not exactly.

In fact, September and New Year’s Resolutions go just about as well together as do wedding dresses and color runs. They just don’t.  

Except for today. For on this particular day September and New Year’s Resolutions go hand-in-hand just as much as that beer and brat we’re salivating about (it’s all about the 80-20 rule…right?).

Why is that, you ask?

Because we’re over halfway through 2017 and are, like many around the world, freaking out that 2017 is nearly over. And in this collective freakout we can’t help but reminisce on the past year and what goals we had at the start of it, which brings us to address the New Year’s Resolutions we set way back when temperatures were on the other side of the extreme.

Thus New Year’s in September. Maybe it’s the next Christmas in July? But we digress…

Like many of you we awkwardly tasked ourselves at the beginning of the year to set New Year’s Resolutions that would ultimately be forgot or playfully ignored. And don’t worry, we won’t indulge you in the resolutions we set forth. What we will do, however, is address one of the most common resolutions out there and what it has to do with fitness, health, and well-being.

The New Year’s Resolution we’re talking about, of course, is that of losing weight. Each year weight loss is a resolution pursued by countless individuals across the globe, either in serious effort or jest.  More than that, however, it is a pushed by multi-billion dollar industries in the hopes of increasing sales, growth, and membership.

But we’re not here to play nice with our friends and those that came before us. No, we’re here because we want to change the game and inspire a revolution, one geared towards pursuing fitness to feel strong and empowered in what you do.

First thing’s first, however, and it’s important we get this out of the way.

For a lot of people weight loss is a legitimate benefit of ‘getting fit’. Obesity has proliferated in recent human history and myriad individuals could stand to lose some extra baggage in order to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life. Yet this emphasis on weight loss has caused a lot of confusion as to what fitness should be all about, for even those who hope to simply transform their current image tend to focus more on the numbers on a scale than on their overall fitness goals and profile. What this causes is the idea of equating being fit with being skinny and weighing less than others.

Now, mind you, there are plenty of skinny people who are fit. There are also plenty of larger individuals who are fit as well. Why is this, you ask?

Because being fit is not about any number on any scale. Being fit is about feeling strong and empowered in what you do. It is through that strength and empowerment you will reach your goals, not because you weigh less than others. Weight is an arbitrary and rudimentary measurement, nothing more. And weight loss, more than anything, should be seen as an unintended consequence or benefit of becoming fit.

Don’t let numbers on a scale define you, let your strength and confidence do that instead.

So even though it is just September and we have yet to figure out our costumes for Halloween, let’s look ahead to 2018 and embrace our New Year’s Resolutions in a new light.

And perhaps that’s the trick to finally seeing them fulfilled.

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