Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer Equipment Review

Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer Equipment Review

Dream Machine

Dreaming and fitness don’t sound like the greatest combination, especially in regards to safety and potential liability. Lay your eyes on the Hoist Fitness Mi5 Functional Trainer, however, and you would find it hard to resist falling into a dream-like state while swimming amongst a sea of fitness possibilities. No joke. Or exaggeration.

Okay, perhaps a slight one.

Still, the wealth of exercises possible with the Mi5 Functional Trainer makes it one of the top functional trainers on the market. But before talking more about the trainer itself, let’s address why this type of fitness equipment exists in the first place.


There was once a time when the fitness industry seemed stagnant. Workouts were static, training focused on individual muscle groups and variability and imagination were so far from thought they may have well been contained within a separate universe. But as with all industries improvements were made. They HAD to be made. For athletes. For gyms. For you.

One of the revolutions fitness has gone through has been that of emphasizing functional training. That is, training to mimic or accommodate the various ranges of motions human beings use in their daily lives, whether they are a superstar athlete, a high schooler looking to prepare for their next season, or a stay-at-home parent wanting to stay in shape to keep up with their children. Instead of focusing on training specific muscles functional training focuses on training specific movements.

Recognizing a greater emphasis on functional training fitness equipment companies have developed numerous exercise machines suited to address functional training’s variability and full-movement manipulation. These machines are aptly known as functional trainers, designed to address and simulate any workout routine while engaging the widest array of muscles in a variety of ways. The versatility of these machines is especially useful for gyms, offices and homes with varying fitness levels or training regimens. This can be due to the variety of individuals using the machine or the way in which an individual owner would like to manipulate their workouts, which brings us back to the reason for our functionally fit salivation.


The Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer is like flying first class in regards to functional trainers. As do others this functional trainer allows any user at any fitness level to pursue individual exercise routines without having to switch from machine-to-machine or take up a lot space. Additionally the Hoist Mi5 shares in common with its brethren a multitude of attachments that allow for the functional engagement of any muscle group an individual wants to train, whether alone or in combination with other groups.

Where the Mi5 sets itself apart, however, is with its ability to captivate those with any shred of fitness imagination for hour after hour, and this time we’re not exaggerating. Want to mimic a baseball pitcher’s motion? This machine has you covered. Need to incorporate a little more resistance into your high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout? Strap on that waist band and get jumping!

What makes this all possible? Well, a combination of features really, the main ones being the adjustable pulley arms, 22 pulley adjustment positions, and the optional — and highly encouraged — Mi5 Core Stabilizer Pad.

The use of all the above features in conjunction with the Mi5’s other manipulations truly make it a machine where if you can dream of a movement, you can execute it. These manipulations are made all the better due to the trainer’s counterbalanced carriage system, allowing for smooth, light, and efficient adjustment between different positions. This means less time fidgeting around and more time spent engaging your muscles in a versatile workout.

What’s more is how the Mi5’s design allows for quiet, safe, and extended use. Hoist’s Silent Steel weight system makes metal to metal contact of plates a thing of the past, eliminating loud clanks frequently associated with quick-burst movements. Speaking of quick-burst movements, the cables on the Mi5 are safely designed to allow for fierce whipping motions without the dangerous recoil that other cable systems feature. These cables have also been designed with variation in mind, being able to be extended up to a total distance of 160 inches (with strap handles). That’s over 13 feet! Imagine the weight-resisted sprinting and jumping you could do!


With all these features, movement abilities, and ease of access it may sound like the Mi5 is a first class package, which it admittedly is. Yet with first class packages come first class prices. Right?

Not so in this case! While $2,500 is not an easy amount of money for most to let go of, when you consider the capabilities of the Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer you truly are getting a first class experience for economy pricing. There is simply no functional trainer out there that allows for the variability the Mi5 does, making it a highly adaptive, spectacular piece of fitness equipment. The lower price when compared to other functional trainers is yet another added benefit of this versatile monster.


No matter if you are a world-class athlete, an individual rehabilitating an injury, or one just looking to remain fit enough to accomplish your daily tasks, the Hoist Mi5 Functional Trainer is right for you. In fact, it’s right for everyone! That goes for you non-imaginative types as well, as Hoist has developed an app to show you a variety of moves that can be executed on the Mi5. Yet as with everything about the Mi5, these movements are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the abilities of this functional trainer.

With the Hoist Mi5, if you dream it, you can do it!

Come and give it a test run today at Fitness Equipment of Eugene, we’ll be happy to show you how this functional trainer can help you accomplish your fitness goals, no matter what they may be.

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