Vibration Trainers

Vibration Trainers

Vibration trainers are widely popular because of the benefits of whole body vibration training for individuals of all fitness levels. The brands available through Fitness Equipment of Eugene, Eugene and Oregon’s premiere fitness equipment supplier, use vertical vibrations at a range of Hz to promote a wide range of health benefits. These include increased blood circulation, muscle fiber stimulation, lymph flow, and many more.

Whole body vibration training and vibration trainers are especially beneficial in rehabilitation or physical therapy settings where users are needing a way to promote physical activity and muscle engagement through lower-impact means. This does not mean the average person does not benefit from whole body vibration. Quite the opposite, in fact.

No matter your fitness level or exercise goals vibration trainers will enhance your performance. From high intensity interval training to general stretching and massage the benefits of this technology make themselves apparent in short time.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene carries both VibePlate and Power Plate whole body vibration technology and is happy to offer models for both commercial and residential use.

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Power Plate FitStop Vibration Trainer
Power Plate my7
Power Plate pro5HP Vibration Trainer
Power Plate pro5 Vibration Trainer
Power Plate pro6+
Power Plate pro7 Vibration Trainer
Power Plate Pro7HC Vibration Trainer
Power Plate my5 Vibration Trainer
Power Plate my3
VibePlate Parallel Bar Platform
VibePlate Balance Bar