Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Safe, Performance-Backed Equipment

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Equipment Image

When it comes to physical therapy and rehabilitation settings Fitness Equipment of Eugene recognizes the extreme necessity to provide your clients with the best equipment possible. This is to facilitate their recovery in safe, efficient manners. In order to ensure this happens we have partnered with some of the top manufacturers of exercise equipment for physical therapy and rehabilitation settings. Whether you are searching for upper body ergometers to seated recumbent bikes, low-impact machines, or specially-designed treadmills we are sure to have the equipment necessary to help your clients thrive.

The rehabilitation equipment we carry is great for all sorts of physical therapy and clinical settings and is backed by performance and price. We will continually work with you to lower your cost so you can get to thinking about the success of your clients rather than worrying about your costs.

Needing some of the smaller items as well? Not a problem! We offer plenty of smaller fitness accessories such as bands, rollers and other massage equipment to keep your office equipped. Many of our models for physical therapy and rehabilitation also come in residential versions in case your clients need at-home options.

Are you a client, rehabbing from surgery or need something more low impact? We have plenty of options for home settings as well. From vibration trainers that benefit those with disabilities and the actively-aging to seated upper body ergometers, our stock of rehabilitation equipment is unparalleled. We want to see your progress continue and will do everything we can to help make that happen.