Our Vision

Company Vision

At Fitness Equipment of Eugene we are committed to providing premiere residential and commercial fitness equipment and service. Our proven track record of excellence has set us apart from our competition for many years and we are proud to continue providing fitness equipment and service to both large commercial facilities and private homes.

Fitness Equipment of Eugene’s expert staff is also passionate about your health and well-being, which is why we work with top-rated fitness brands to ensure you get the best products and service. Beyond that we continue to immerse ourselves in the latest fitness technologies and systems in order to provide the most complete and informative experience possible.

That experience does not stop once you have purchased your fitness equipment, either. We employ the best fitness equipment maintenance and repair staff in Oregon in order to ensure your investment will operate flawlessly for years to come.

Our promise is to thoroughly inspect, clean, and maintain any piece of exercise equipment to the highest of standards while approaching each service request personally and confidently.

We do all this in the hopes of helping individuals and our community Equip Your Fit.

Fitness and well-being is our passion and helping others think critically about why they are purchasing a piece of fitness equipment is crucial to the experience we want to create at Fitness Equipment of Eugene. Each machine and each piece of exercise equipment helps tell the stories of different motivations behind the betterment of health, stories we hope to help tell and support for many years to come.

So while Fitness Equipment of Eugenetakes pride in providing the best fitness equipment and service throughout Oregon, our company vision is not based around sales or revenue but rather the relationships we build and the overall health betterment of society in general.  

Stay Fit.