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Our Brands: Precor Fitness

One of the pleasures of being in fitness industry is working with premiere fitness brands, such as Precor Fitness, who are continually at the forefront of innovation. These companies employ top minds in the industry who are driven to provide users with the best equipment possible to meet their desired fitness needs. This means compiling knowledge about physiology, ergonomics, machine mechanics, and general fitness while putting it all into a package that will hopefully find its way into your home gym setting. The aforementioned Precor Fitness has been a bastion of fitness quality and is widely known for its quality pieces of residential exercise equipment.

About Precor

For those dedicated to the Northwest you’ll be happy to learn that Precor is based out of Woodinville, Washington, a region perhaps best known for its diverse selection of warehouses dedicated to wineries. It is within this region, too, that Precor Fitness has made a name for itself. Their slogan of “Fitness Made Personal” could not truer. They have been dedicated to this mission since 1980 when they were founded by David Smith under the name of Precision Corporation. They quickly made an impact in the fitness industry, too, becoming the first to develop an ergonomically sound rowing machine. Known as the Amerec 610 Precision Rowing Machine, this piece of exercise equipment was used by the U.S. Ski Team in their efforts and training before the World Cup.

From there Precor continued to be at the forefront of the fitness equipment revolution, eventually revolutionizing exercise programs with the introduction of the elliptical trainer.

First debuted in 1995 the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer 544 (EFX 544) was quickly incorporated into commercial and home gyms, giving users a lower-impact form of cardio they could pursue on a regular basis.

The debut of the EFX 544 was a testament to Precor’s dedication to looking ahead at the future of fitness and exercise while never settling. This is a methodology continuing today, too, as the company boasts a fleet of treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, spin bikes, and strength equipment all designed to better the lives of any regardless of fitness level.

Precor at Home

While developing the exercise equipment necessary to power individual fitness goals is a big part of Precor Fitness and their motivations, the true drive behind everything the company produces is to ensure home gyms are equipped with the premiere equipment they deserve at a fair price. That’s right, a fair price. You read that right. Fitness Equipment of Eugene and Precor Fitness both recognize that these machines are premium fitness equipment and are thus priced a little higher than some of the brands you may encounter at bigger box stores.

Precor Fitness AMT 733
Precor’s Adaptive Motion Trainer (AMT) is a stunning piece of exercise equipment designed for varied uses.

It is important to note, however, that the increased price is directly reflective of the quality of the product you will receive. Unlike in other industries where you may see a brand name be the reason for a significant increase in the price of a product, fitness and exercise equipment that costs more will provide users with better functionality, durability and longevity when it comes to their home exercise equipment.

Many of these companies have taken elements of their commercial models and incorporated them into home gym equipment, further enhancing the quality of these products.

As mentioned before Precor Fitness has a diverse lineup of home exercise equipment. These products are geared for users of all fitness levels and help emulate the quality and consistency of a gym right in your own home. This eliminates the hassle, cost and time it takes to get to-and-from the gym and the incorporation of exercise equipment into your home can either compliment or replace a fee-based membership.

Precor Fitness products such as the TRM 425 Precision Series Treadmill, Spinner Shift Spin Bike with Belt Drive and the powerful AMT 733 Adaptive Motion Trainer Elliptical are a select few of the company’s impressive cardio equipment. They pay testament to Precor’s desire to address any fitness need, whether that be traditional treadmill use, high intensity training on a spin bike, or low-impact simulation of natural motion on the adaptive motion trainer.

As the fitness and exercise industry booms through a revolution in fitness equipment it is great to see companies like Precor Fitness leading the charge. They have done so for many years and continue to look for ways to make home gym experiences the most comfortable, efficient, functional and cost-effective as possible. Fitness Equipment of Eugene is thrilled to be a supplier of Precor home fitness products and we look forward to seeing you in person to give some of these outstanding pieces of equipment (our toys) a go!




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