Whole Body Vibration Training and Performing on the Power Plate

Performing on the Power Plate

This may be strange to read on a fitness and wellness blog but the Ancient Egyptians were a truly remarkable society, especially in their use of whole body vibration for functional purposes.

Wait, what?!?

Yeah, you read that right. The Ancient Egyptians utilized the power of vibration to benefit their mind, body and soul. Maybe that’s why they were able to erect such astonishing structures? Take that, Aliens! Regardless of bragging rights the point we are attempting to get at is that whole body vibration has been around for a LONG time. This is despite the claim that it started with the Russian space effort in the 1950s and 1960s. While there is no doubting this is when the popularity of vibration training flourished, one must pay recognition to the fact that societies and civilizations have used vibration techniques to stimulate the body for numerous centuries.

This isn’t just some cosmonaut fad, after all!

Whole Body Vibration Training

When we talk about whole body vibration training we must specify that we are talking about vertical vibration techniques to stimulate muscles and the rest of the body. This is an important distinction to make as there are various forms of vibration techniques and all have their positives and negatives. Vertical vibration, however, is the most widely used type of vibration in performance, recovery and rehabilitation facilities for its scientifically-backed results.

This is exactly why Fitness Equipment of Eugene is thrilled to be an authorized dealer for both Power Plate and VibePlate. But that’s business, and we’re not about getting down to business here.


Anyways back to the main story, which is how whole body vibration training can significantly impact the health of all, regardless of fitness level. The application of this method of training has led to improvements in bone density, increased blood flow, increased lymph circulation and pays great compliment to normal exercise regimens.

This is an important note to make, too, as vibration training is often thought of as a rehab-specific type of therapy. And while it does significantly benefit those in rehab or with conditions that don’t allow them to perform traditional exercise, whole body vibration training is impressive in its ability to stimulate muscle fibers and thus increase the activation of them during ‘normal’ workouts. What this means is more muscle engagement, activation and eventual growth due to vibration.

That’s right, performance is encouraged by Power Plate and other whole body vibration trainers.

Performing on the Power Plate

From static exercises to high intensity interval training just about any exercise can benefit from whole body vibration training. This is why Power Plate has placed such an emphasis on preparation, performance, and recovery.

Their motto is Prepare, Perform, Recover after all!

How does the Power Plate help you perform, exactly? We touched on it briefly above but the main takeaway of it all is that the vertical vibrations being sent through your body and muscles further stimulate muscle fibers during exercise, resulting in more contractions and tears as you go through your exercise routine. It is the repair of these tears that eventually lead to muscle gain and increased performance.

The best part of it all, too, is that you can train both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers on the Power Plate. Its benefits do not focus solely on slow-twitch or fast-twitch fibers. This means your high intensity interval training can be taken up another notch (do you REALLY want that, though?) and your dumbbell curls can further activate stimulation throughout your biceps.

Increased stimulation leads to better results and thus increased performance.

There are some important notes to make about performing on a Power Plate, however.

While you are more than welcome to perform traditional static exercises on the plate in slower rangers of motion, the true benefit of vibration training comes from quick twitch actions. This is due much in part to the benefit of having the vibrations resonate throughout the muscles as fast as possible. The faster an exercise or lift is performed in a repetitive instance the more the vibrations will be able to do their dirty work.

And by dirty work we mean amazingness. And by amazingness we mean job.

Yes, the faster an exercise or lift is performed in a repetitive manner the more the vibrations will be able to do their job.

With the likes of Power Plate and VibePlate developing outstanding pieces of fitness technology in relation to whole body vibration training it is easy to see why so many are trying to incorporate this method of training into their health and wellness routine. And who’s to blame them for doing such? Whole body vibration is truly a fascinating compliment to general performance, option for those in rehab settings and for those looking for lower-impact means of exercise.

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